3rd Times the Charm

Clash of the Titans

Here is a play by play of the monumental music battle between Mr. Teddy Riley and The Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds that took place on April 20, 2020 around 8pm.

Round 1:

🎵 Teddy- “Right Here” SWV

Babyface introduced his first song with this story.

🎶 Babyface- “Love Shoulda Brought You Home” Toni Braxton

Round 2:

🎵Teddy- “Make it Last Forever” Keith Sweat with Jacci McGhee. Babyface compared this song to red Kool-Aid in the summertime!

🎶Babyface- He came back with “Soon As I Get Home” Babyface

Round 3:

🎵Teddy took us to the club and the bank with “Just Got Paid” Johnny Kemp

🎶Babyface- “Rock Steady” The Whispers

Round 4:

🎵Teddy- “Get Me Home” Foxy Brown feat. Black street

🎶Babyface repeatedly says “Dang” and how he wasn’t prepared for him to play this one, then he hits him with this 🔥🔥 “Every Time I Close My Eyes” Babyface

Round 5:

🎤Right at the top of round 5 Teddy’s signal began to act a little funky. Please not again lol🤦🏽‍♀️ Thankfully it only last a few seconds.

🎵Teddy- “Piece of My Love” Guy

🎶Babyface- responded by saying this song made him want to eat skittles lol right before playing his selection “Ready or Not” After 7

Round 6:

🎵Teddy- “I Like the Way (Kissing Game)- Hi-Five

🎶Babyface- “Every Little Step” Bobby Brown

Round 7:

🎵Teddy- getting a little competitive now, introduced his song by saying “they would play this song after that song in the club, because they would save the best for last” “I Want Her” Keith Sweat

🎤They both had that chopped and screwed face during this song and you can tell Babyface was thinking damn I should’ve made that song lol.

🎤Before playing his 7th track, he started off by giving Teddy his flowers by saying, he was the King who brought New Jack Swing to us all and he brought an amazing movement. He continued with telling Teddy it was an honor to be doing the battle with him. With that being said,

🎶Babyface plays “Can We Talk” by the very underrated Tevin Campbell

Round 8:

🎵Teddy- laughed and said, “Tevin, he’s cool” but he said he had a fast song that he knew people made love to “I Like” Guy

🎶Babyface- asked why Teddy stopped the song so abruptly, he said he loved that song! Babyface played An artist he felt didn’t get her just due “The Way You Love Me” Karyn White

Round 9:

🎵Teddy- was steady heating up when he came back with “Is It Good To You” Heavy D & The Boyz

🎶Babyface- said he wrote this song when he was in high school a lonnnng time ago lol and he was waiting for the right time and the right person. That person just happened to be Tevin Campbell with “I’m Ready”

🎤Right before making it to round 10 and right around 500k people watching live, Teddy disappeared yet again. Thankfully not for long

Round 10:

🎵Teddy- switched the game up with “The Show” Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick

🎶Babyface- Babyface slows it back down with his smash “Two Occasions” The Deele

Round 11:

🎵Teddy- “The City Is Mine” Jay Z and Blackstreet

🎶Babyface- “Rock Wit’Cha” by the Kang (yes I spelled that right lol) Bobby Brown

Round 12:

🎶Babyface- “On Our Own” Bobby Brown

🎵Teddy- stopped playing all games and blessed the instalive with “In the Closet” by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson

Round 13:

🎶Babyface- guitar was calling his name so he decided to give us a live performance of his song “When Can I See you”

🎵Teddy- said it wasn’t fair because he was told not to play any of his instruments lol then he played “Before I Let You Go” Blackstreet

Round 14:

🎶Babyface- “Whip Appeal” Babyface

🎵Teddy- “Let’s Chill” Guy

Round 15:

🎶Babyface- “My, My, My” Johnny Gill

🎵Teddy- “Deep” Blackstreet

Round 16:

🎶Babyface- “Red Light Special” TLC

🎵Teddy- “I Get Lonely” remix Janet Jackson feat. Blackstreet

Babyface had jokes for Teddy with his song choice lol

Round 16:

🎶Babyface- “Superwoman” Karyn White

🎵Teddy- “Jam” Michael Jackson

Round 17:

🎶Babyface- “You’re Makin Me High” Toni Braxton

🎵Teddy- “Rump Shaker” Wreckx-N-Effect

Round 18:

🎶Babyface- “I’ll Make Love to You” Boyz II Men

🎵Before we could get to Teddy’s turn, his signal dropped again lol. But, this time we can’t blame Teddy because it was due to the fact that over 4 million people were trying to watch this significant moment in time and the internet just couldn’t handle the traffic!

🎶However, during this brief intermission Babyface decided to play a little “Dial My Heart” The Boys and as he picks up his guitar to serenade us with his “white song” as he called it lol, Teddy pops up in the chat. Babyface tried to add him back in the instalive but, no luck.

🎵Teddy played; “Blood on the Dance Floor” Michael Jackson , “How Deep Is Your Love” Keith Sweat, and “Remember the Time” Michael Jackson

🎤I just want to say they definitely redeemed themselves from last Saturday lol. I went into this battle ready to keep score but, it was impossible for me to decide who won what round because I was so caught up in the music I seriously forgot this was a battle. It felt like I was at a summer concert at Chene Park ( now The Aretha Franklin Amphitheater) in Detroit! I was ready for another 20 rounds! Teddy and Babyface are both whole legends in the industry! They’ve given us all tons of music to dance to, to cry to, to make love to, to just do this thing we call life to. For that, we thank you. Hoping to hear some new music from you both soon!

I’m going to leave you with a few more video clips showing how both legends decided to end the battle on their separate Instagram pages. This was truly worth the wait!

A little teaser of a song he did with Eric Clapton, “Change the World

Babyface played his last two songs; “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men and “Count On Me” by Whitney Houston and CeCe Winans.
Teddy on the keys with some more Michael Jackson “Dangerous”
Teddy on the keys again with his last song for the night, “No Diggity” Blackstreet
His song was interrupted by another legendary producer/writer, artist Dre! I wonder will he be the next person on the Timbaland and Swizz versus battle? Until next time…

Epic Battle? More like Epic Fail

April 18, 2020, 9pm Eastern was supposed to be the most anticipated battle of 2020. In one corner you had Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds who is one of the best singer/songwriters and record producers of all time. In the other corner you had Edward “Teddy” Riley who is also one of the best songwriters, record producers, and instrumentalist in the industry. He even created the New Jack swing genre.

This battle began around 9:15pm on Instalive with a little bit of small talk from the two legends and last minute set ups on Teddy’s end while Babyface patiently waited for the battle to begin. When it was go time, Babyface jokingly stated his seniority was the reason he should go 2nd. Teddy obliged him and came out the gate with “The Show” by Doug E. Fresh 😯🔥 what a way to start. Babyface came back with a smash “Two Occasions” by The Deele. I’m giving this round to Teddy because that beat alone is crazy! (Keep in mind I am rating these rounds based on my opinion)

Round 2 Teddy Riley played the classic “Groove Me” by his group Guy, I’m thinking, whew Face better come with it! And so he does! He hits him with “Don’t Be Cruel” by the Kang of R&B Bobby Brown (yes, I spelled that right lol, that’s what Bobby calls himself and I ain’t too mad at him). I’m sliding my vote to Babyface this round. I should mention these rounds weren’t going smoothly at all because Babyface was sitting peacefully in his studio practicing social distancing as he stated, just one man, headphones and a mic. Meanwhile, Teddy came with his whole band, dj, and hype man. This had all the potential of being great but there was an annoying echo and the sound quality was horrible on Teddy’s end. As the viewer numbers dwindled down from over 400k to less than 320k due to the technical difficulties they made it to round 3. Teddy pushed through with “I Like the Way (The Kissing Game) by Hi-Five 🔥🔥this song was everything to me in the 90s. But, Babyface came back with some more fire “Every Little Step” by Bobby Brown! 🔥🔥 this one was a tie for me. I dare not choose. As, we all tried to dance through the technical problems it only went downhill from there. Teddy and Babyface went back and forth trying to figure out where the issues were stemming from with a few, “Can you hear me, I can but, can you hear me” 🤦🏽‍♀️Teddy decided to do a quick sound check to see if the problem could be quickly fixed. Babyface seemed a little irritated but he waited while Teddy tweaked a few things. Long story short Teddy returned, the sound was good for a good 10 seconds then his sound went completely out! There was another intermission in which someone from Teddy’s crew announced they would need another 30 minutes to figure out what was going on (it was now 10:15pm). At this point Teddy was visibly upset with his crew because he’s a perfectionist and Babyface was pretty much over it as well lol. Two legends with legendary music but tonight was a epic fail. Timbaland and Swizz Beatz ( the originators of the Quarantine Versus battles) and Babyface and Teddy decided it was only fair to continue this battle at a later date so they could provide the type of epic battle we all expected. I must admit, along with a lot of other fans/supporters I was a little disappointed we didn’t get the experience of a lifetime like we’d hoped. But, social media did not disappoint lol at least we all got a good laugh out of the deal. See the ignorance below 🤣🤣

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